Getting Started!

23 Sep

Welcome to the weddingstory blog!

I´m Kezia, nice to meet you all, I can´t wait to share this new adventure with you!

I´ll be posting everything and anything  interesting to do with brides and weddings;

– For those fashion victims out there, the latest in dresses and accessories.

– For the gossip lovers, the latest in news on “real life” and celebrity weddings ( What dress did Ralph Lauren design for his new daughter-in-law for her wedding?)

– For those who love the little details, perfect gifts to surprise their guests.

– For the adventurous types, original places to celebrate the event, wacky first dance routines and ideas to make your wedding one in a million!

– For the ecologists, ways to make your wedding AND keep the enviroment beautiful.

– For those on a budget, tricks so everything looks gorgeous and is still kind to your purse!

– For the most organised and those who live away from friends and family, a new social network, that opens in October, to help plan the details in the run-up to your big day and allow you to share this process with your loved ones 🙂

I´m sure you identify with one, a few or, as in my case, all of the above “types” of bride.. I´d love any suggestions (my mail is in the page info) and comments you´d like to make.

Happy Weddings!!



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