Elizabeth Taylor´s Wedding Dresses Auctioned.

29 Sep

Fashionista brides everywhere will be watching as Elizabeth Taylor´s wedding dresses go to auction this December at Christie´s in New York City. The fashion icon and two time Oscar winner’s clothing and accessories, including the dresses, will be sold to the highest bidder. The bridal gowns will be put under the hammer along with almost 400 dresses, shoes, handbags, and other accessories, including Taylor´s iconic jewellry, some of which was designed by the actress herself.

Although the jewellry, such as the ruby and diamond necklace featuring a 16th century pearl may bring in the most money, the highlights of the auction are bound to be the two wedding dresses, one worn in 1964, the first time she married Richard Burton, a marriage which lasted 10 years, and the other from 1975, the second marriage that only lasted 11 months.  Her 1964 dress, being the more famous of the two, is expected to go for anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000!!

The dress became a piece of history after Taylor and Burton’s very public affair. The two were followed closely before, after and during their 10 year marriage as many considered them to be the first “it couple”. Though Taylor was known for being fickle, having been married 8 times to 7 husbands, her marriage to Burton was both the longest and most popular amongst her fans.

Hollywood’s most passionate and intense love story began in 1961 on the set of Cleopatra when screen siren Elizabeth Taylor met her handsome leading man Richard Burton. Despite both being married at the time to other people – she was wed to fourth husband Eddie Fisher, and he was with his first wife Sybil Williams – the couple soon fell in love, and their subsequent affair caused something of a scandal of the day.
Elizabeth for her first wedding to Richard, wore an empire-style chiffon gown in daffodil yellow designed by Irene Sharaff, who’d done her costumes for Cleopatra. She finished the look off with a platinum-set Bulgari pendant, featuring a 18.61 carat emerald and diamond that she wore as a brooch, presented to her by her husband on their engagement. In her hair, the award-winning star wore lilies of the valley and white Roman hyacinths.

For her second wedding, held in the remote village of Kasane, Botswana in Africa, she wore green with lace frills and guinea fowl feathers.

While Elizabeth and Richard’s weddings were not grand affairs, nor did their marriages stand the test of time, to this day theirs is still considered one of Hollywood’s most iconic romances.

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