Dance With Me!

8 Oct

An event is not complete without music. Wedding music plays a huge role in the part of the wedding where creativity and tradition should meet. This is why music is an essential part of a wedding and perhaps one of the first things planned..
Firstly, you can´t just play any old music in a church as the staff usually have a say on this. The church where you will hold your wedding might provide their own playlist which is composed of the usual church hymns. Thankfully most churches are becoming more flexible in terms of the kind of music to be played during the ceremony so the most important thing is to talk it over with the wedding official well before your big day. Maybe you could opt for a choir or several instrumentalists á lá “Love Actually 🙂 Civil ceremonies are more flexible as they do not necessarily have to be church hymns or any religious songs so you can include “your song” or ones with lyrics you feel were written for you as a couple! 

Just as important is the music you have at the reception, especially for your first dance! Most couples have a dance planned which I think is a great idea. Some of the most popular ones are:
– Tango; A popular Argentine style of sultry dance. It´s characterized by the near-embracing stance of the dancers. This is my favourite 🙂
– Kaslamantiano; A traditional Greek dance usually performed at weddings.
– Fox-trot; A social dance of American origin. Think Ginger and Fred in Top Hat!

– Salsa; A fast, sultry dance set to Latin music that originated in Cuba.

– Viennese Waltz; The best-known ballroom dance, the fast-paced, refined style is danced to classical waltzes and performed in triple time.

– Cha-cha; A simplified version of the rumba characterized by small, hip-based movements and a two-three rhythm. This is also a ballroom dance as is the tango, fox-trot, swing, mambo, etc..
Also popular are the “copy-cat” dances which are so much fun! My favourites are the Thriller, the Dirty Dancing, the Pulp Fiction, the Saturday Night Fever and the Scent of a Woman tango.
For the reception I would recommend either a DJ, which is a great option as they have a wide collection of songs and they accept requests from the guests which will help them get in the mood, but you must make sure they have a good sound system, or a band which will play requests as well as their own songs.
So, as you see, the music you choose for your wedding is just as important as the venue or the flowers, plus it´s a chance to spend a whole day listening to the music you like (something that never happens at any other party you´ll go to..). So let´s boogie!


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