Doing Your Own Make-up?

6 Nov

Every girl wants her wedding day to be perfect with every last detail down to scratch.. With professional help this is so much easier, but sadly, not all of us can afford stylists and someone to do our make-up! If you aren´t having your make-up done by a professional on your big day, here are a few tips to making it look perfect and lasting all day long:

– First, if you have a blemish, shrink it on the spot by wrapping an ice cube in a thin dish towel and resting it on the pimple for three minutes.

This will alleviate inflammation and redness. Then cover the zit with a dab of lavender or tea tree oil, which will dehydrate the blemish and kill bacteria.

– Before you start with your make-up, use a squirt of eye drops in the morning to instantly brighten your sleepy eyes. Did you also know that eye drops applied over a pimple before you makeup reduces the redness instantly? If you wake up with puffy eyes, use cold chamomile tea bags on them for 10 minutes before starting your routine. Like all teas, it’s high in skin-brightening antioxidants so it will brighten

as well as de-puff.

– Cleanse your face and lightly apply your favorite moisturiser mixed with a dab of  skin illuminator designed to make you glow but not sparkle. Let your moisturiser sink in for 10 minutes before applying your foundation as this will make it last longer.

– Use a few thin layers of primer before your make-up, it creates the look of a totally flawless complexion. With silicone primers you can wave bye to enlarged pores, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, if only for the day!

– Looking for that Hollywood “glow”? That lovely, dewy luminescence made famous by stars such as J-Lo, Demi, Cameron, Julia, Drew, Charlize, and countless others?Use a drop of skin illuminator in your foundation too.

– For a homemade glowing remedy, skip the cosmetic counter altogether and head straight for the drugstore aisle selling Pepto Bismol. Yes, that´s right, this diarrhea treatment can also help you get you the glow going! This tip is one of beauty expert and author Diane Irons´ favourites. It contains salicylic acid, if you put a coating on your face, let it set for a few minutes, then wash it off, and your skin will have a mega-glow that shines through even after you put on your makeup (because it has an ingredient that coats the tummy, which means it also coats the face, it’s milder and gentler to skin that most salicylic skin care products).

image by makeupandbeautyblog

– For better under-eye coverage choose a blue-based creamy concealer, which helps reflect the light and make the eyes look brighter. For extra heavy dark circles try a yellow or orange-based concealer, which neutralizes darkness beneath the eyes. If you don’t have a color concealer use foundation two shades lighter under your eyes and blend, blend, blend!

– To maintain a flawless finish throughout the day, apply pressed powder using a clean powder brush, allow it to set for about 5 minutes and dust it again to give it more stay.. For the closest colour match, choose a shade that is 3 shades lighter than your foundation and avoid powdering under the eyes as it can make fine lines and wrinkles appear more obvious.

– Remember to use foundation on your eyelids, this will give your eyeshadow a base and double it´s staying power. The same applies to your lips.

– Try using a cheek stain, these last longer, I use mine under foundation then just dust a tiny amount of powder blush on after my powder if I want more oomph.

– To keep that eyeliner on all night thin it with a drop of Visene (or any other eye drops). The viscous quality of the Visene makes the liner go on easier and moister, which also helps it to last longer. Remember, liquid liner lasts 4 times longer than pencil liner…

– An eyelash curler is a must. I find these to time-consuming to use on a regular basis but boy does it make a difference! Use it before applying your mascara, never afterwards.

– Water-proof mascara is a must too. Very few brides get through their whole day without crying! Apply several coats, letting each one dry before applying the next.

– Groom those brows by applying a hard brow liner (soft and creamy ones will rub off and you´ll have less control over the shape). Another long-wearing option: wetting a powder shadow and applying with a brush, just make sure you don’t choose a color that’s too dark. My personal favourite is spraying a strong hairspray on an out-of-service toothbrush and brushing brows up and out. This really locks them in place!

– To get long-lasting lipstick, apply a light dusting of powder first, then line the lips and lightly fill them in with the lipliner. Apply your lipstick with a brush, NOT directly with the stick, blot with a tissue to wipe off any excess then re-apply. For larger looking lips, use a dab of a lighter shimmery shade of lipstick or a touch of shimmery eyeshadow in the very center of both top and bottom lips. Wearing lipstick over dry lips can be a nightmare, so exfoliate them with a sugar scrub everyday during the week before and sleep with them slathered in vaseline.

Once you´re looking picture perfect, keeping it up is easy. I´d recommend carrying (or getting one of your bridesmaids to carry) blotting tissues to soak up excess oil, a liquid concealer pen for quick touch ups, a powder blush, compact powder and a large brush for quick dustings, a lipgloss to top up your pout between all that kissing, your water-proof mascara and little makeup swabs for under you eyes (you know there will be tears!), and a little toothbrush to maintain that dazzling smile throughout the night.

Nobody will know your makeup wasn´t done by a professional! 🙂

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