Outer Space Wedding Rings!

18 Nov

Remember that song “To the moon and back” by Savage Garden? Well, Swedish designers have taken it to a whole other level with their new SpaceWed wedding rings. These unique gold bands have been blasted off to space for a few minutes before making their way back to Earth.

The designers were inspired by astronauts who wore their wedding rings while in space… They decided to launch an amount of gold into space, to later take it down with a rocket and fashion it into wedding rings!

There are only 50 rings worldwide, each engraved with a serial number (chosen by the soon to be newlyweds) and a certificate to show its authenticity. They come in a custom designed Space Capsule and also include a documentation of the rocket launch on a USB , that will be something different to show friends instead of the usual wedding album!Image by spacewed.com

These space wedding rings do not come cheap at $17,000… But as their website says:

“You are exceptional…
Extraordinary is your middle name…
Impossible doesn’t exist in your dictionary…
and your love is not bound by the Earth.
… so if you decide to get married your wedding will be one of a kind.”…

So if you are planning a lavish wedding, want something totally different and have $17,000 to spare, put in your order quick at www.spaceweddingrings.com 🙂


One Response to “Outer Space Wedding Rings!”

  1. nikki November 18, 2011 at 14:49 #

    Wierd! I bet these sell out quickly though… Whatever will they think of next!

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