Bride Defies Paralysing Condition to Walk Down the Aisle

27 Nov

What an inspirational story for a Sunday morning! Victoria Royle, from Cheshire, was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (a rare nerve condition that strikes down sufferers with paralysis, many being left unable to even swallow or breathe unassisted) two years ago after being admitted to hospital with a numbing sensation in her limbs.

It left her confined to a wheelchair and doctors said she would never be able to walk, but after two years of battling her illness and hours of physiotherapy, 29-year-old Victoria achieved her goal and walked down the aisle to marry her professional rugby player boyfriend Nick.image by

Despite only getting together with him a month before the condition struck, Nick stuck by Victoria and helped nurse her back to health. When Nick then got down on one knee to propose, the Hospital Assistant set her sights on getting out of her wheelchair and walking herself down the aisle on the big day.

The whole wedding can be seen on “Don’t Tell the Bride” on BBC3. The couple signed up to the programme, which provides £12,000 towards the big day but with the catch that the groom has to plan the whole wedding without contacting his bride, because they found it hard to save up for their wedding as both had to take time off work because of Victoria’s illness.

Here´s to plenty of years of health and happiness for the lovebirds 🙂

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