Entertaining the Little Ones.

1 Dec

At almost every wedding (I say almost.. I haven´t been to a wedding without them!), there are at least a few kids, the page-boy, the bride´s niece, the couple´s best friend´s kid… And yet, most brides don´t include them in their planning, hence bored kids wandering around on the day, not allowing their parents to enjoy the wedding as they should be. Thankfully, this is so easy to solution! After surviving the ceremony (I´d advise adults with small children to sit at the back so they can take them out if necessary), here are a few easy ideas to help you at the reception:

Sit them at their own table: Decorate it the same as the adult ones but with the kiddie versions of things! Swap your favours for sweets, the elegant centerpieces for unbreakable colourful ones (or edible fruit bouquets) and the settings for plastic colourful ones.

Create a play table: Make them feel special with their own kid-sized play table for when they´ve finished eating. You can fill it with Playdough, paper and crayons, crafts (simple ones so they are not constantly asking for help), Lego, bubbles and big bowls of colorful candy! Ask the parents about allergies beforehand.

Hire a babysitter: As a former babysitter, I can assure you this is a great idea! She/he can help them cut their food up at the meal then play with them afterwards. A good idea is for her to arrive half an hour early at the reception so she can eat there (provide her with the main course of your meal) beforehand. I would also recommend a girl for this, mainly because little girls will feel more comfortable with her and boys aren´t fussed either way!image by photographersofweddings.blogspot

Hire a magician, a clown or a face-painter: Keep the kids enthralled after the meal for an hour with an entertainer.

Hire a bouncy castle: This is a great idea for a summer wedding as they can keep going back to it and it will tire them out. Beware tipsy adults though, the kids may find it hard to get a space on it in the later hours!

Play children´s music: After your first dance, why not play a few kiddie songs and get them dancing? This will tire out stubborn sleepers so they can be put to bed straight afterwards..

Set up a mini movie theater: In a room next to the dance floor or in a portioned off area, set up a TV and DVD player with some children´s films (make sure they are recent, I love the classics but you´ll find kids these days prefer the latest ones!). You could also provide them with popcorn, they´ll love you forever 😉

Give them their own party bags: Fill them with little toys and sweets and give them out after the meal, that way they´ll be quiet for a while occupied with them..

Provide a sleeping area: A quiet side room with a few beds or sofas to put the little ones to sleep on is a good idea, make sure there is a lamp or night-light as most kids can´t sleep in total darkness.

Using a few of these ideas will keep the children at your wedding occupied so you adults can have your own, uninterrupted fun! 🙂


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