Blair Waldorf´s Wedding, 100th Episode of Gossip Girl – Spoiler Alert!

1 Feb

Monday was finally the long-awaited 100th episode of Gossip Girl! Blair, aka actress Leighton Meester, finally went through with her vows to Prince Louis Grimaldi (Hugo Becker) while donning a gorgeous, strapless, A-line, ballroom Vera Wang gown with a fitted bodice from her 2010 fall collection.

Villainous rich girl Georgina Sparks, who was spectacularly unveiled as the “Gossip girl” herself, has continued to successfully wreak havoc in the Upper East Side, attempting to ruin Blair´s royal wedding by taping Chuck Bass (played by Brit Ed Westwick) professing his love to his former girlfriend ahead of the nuptials, then playing the audio to the entire wedding party! So, despite going through with their vows, a furious Price Louis later proceeded to tell Blair that their marriage will be a “loveless one”.

Apparently, in the 101st episode that airs on Monday, Blair then goes on the run with.. *drum roll*.. Dan! Images have been released of them in an airport.. And of Blair in a hotel suite (in the same clothes she is wearing in the airport scenes) talking to Chuck! Maybe we´ll soon have another Gossip Girl wedding to report.. 🙂


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