Olivier Martínez Confirms Engagement to Halle Berry

12 Mar

Back in January, we bought you the news that Halle Berry had been spotted with an emerald engagement ring.. Now, her 46-year-old boyfriend has confirmed the news!

Martinez was at the opening of his new restaurant Villa Azur in South Beach last night when he spoke of the happy news; “Yes, of course it’s true” the 46-year-old told The Miami Herald proudly.

The Frenchman also wanted to dispel a report from a jeweller who had been bragging he had designed Halle´s ring. “There is a jeweller taking credit for doing the ring and it’s a lie, they have nothing to do with this” he said.

The sparkler was actually designed by Robert Mazlo, a Parisian jeweller based in Saint-Germain-de-Pres. Martinez said he was a “real artist” who made jeweller for ‘kings and queens for many centuries.’ Mazlo had an unusual request for his client, to help Martinez create a “masterpiece” for his love, he made him take an “alchemy test,” answering seven questions about the Oscar-winning actress’ favorite shapes, colors, numbers and signs so he could design a ring befitting Berry’s personality!

A source has said there’s a “very good chance” the wedding would be in Paris. “It will be first time round for Olivier . . . he would love it to be in his home city, the city he knows and loves.”

You heard it here first!!

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