Is Bobbi Kristina Secretly Engaged?

15 Mar

It was reported yesterday that Bobbi, 19, is secretly engaged to 22-year-old Nick after a family friend told Star magazine; “Nick proposed to Krissy on March 10, and she said yes. Krissy said Nick is the only person she trusts in the world and that they have a very deep connection”.

Nick is currently living alongside Bobbi in Whitney’s $1.2m Atlanta townhouse.

Bobbi and Nick were spotting kissing and holding hands together last Friday outside a Target store in Johns Creek, Georgia, according to Hollywoodlife, and Nick added fuel to speculation about their relationship status when he tweeted last week; “Yea we got a little closer and what!!!” along with a picture of himself and Bobbi Brown.

The pair are not actually blood relatives, but they grew up together after Whitney Houston took him in at the age of 12 when his father went to prison and his mother was unable to take care of him… This, of course, has caused controversy over their rumored engagement, especially with Whitney´s mother, Cissy.

Here at Bodastory, we wish them all the best.

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