Angelina Jolie’s $500,000 Engagement Ring Already Has a Cheaper Version!

22 Apr

While some may argue that the real beauty of Angelina Jolie‘s engagement ring lies in the fact Brad Pitt gave it to her, the diamond sparkler has certainly proved appealing to one copycat designer.

A replica version of Angelina´s ring, an Evelyn rock crystal and sterling silver version created by Gemvara, is on sale for $1,195 through the company’s website less than a week after Brad gave it to her with the following text: “Reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring, this piece possessed a coveted elegance”. Shoppers are also invited to add their own personal touches to the ring by incorporating ‘favourite gems and metals.’

The Gemvara design is not the only ring that has been compared to the original design, Jacob & Co., a high-end Swiss jewellery designer, has a very similar version, a 6.79-carat diamond ring that is sold for $530,000, and is part of the company’s current collection.

Monique Meneses, a spokesperson for the company told The Hollywood Reporter; “Angelina’s ring is very beautiful and the one that we have at Jacob & Co stacks up perfectly next to the Procop ring, it’s not as common a cut these days, but now that Angelina is wearing it, many people will probably be asking for a similar cut.” She added that the company’s ring features a table-cut design, just like the Robert Procop design, which involves cutting a diamond flat like a table.

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