Heart-Shaped Wedding Ideas

30 May

A wedding is all about 2 people coming together in front of loved ones to make a promise to each other and to celebrate their love. A heart is the most common symbol of love, so why not add some to your wedding details? Here are some of my favourite heart-shaped ideas:

– I´m sure more than one of you has carved your initials along with your sweethearts initials into a tree or bench at some point.. Why not “engrave” them into your dress?

– Arrange the centerpiece flowers on the guest tables to send the love message out to everybody.

– To add a hint of romance, create heart-shaped place cards using strips of paper and hang them over wine glasses to identify guests’ seats.

– Serve the meals with a side helping of love, try little heart croutons, a heart-shaped dessert, or heart ice cubes in drinks, it will bound to get people talking.

– Decorate your reception with heart-shaped balloons, candles with hearts on, or heart wallpaper.

– A heart-shaped cake is a great idea for those who don´t want to incorporate hearts into the deco, but still want their hearts on show 🙂

I ❤ weddings!

What do you think?

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