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Alternatives to a Wedding Cake

31 Jul

If you don’t love wedding cakes, why serve one at your reception? Nowadays, wedding desserts be anything, take a look at these ideas:

Push up cake pops. These are the latest in desserts and very popular in the States. They can be filled with cake, cream, fruit and ice cream and they look and taste amazing!

Ice cream bar. Include alcoholic flavours as well so there is something for each guest, young or old! Consider hiring an ice cream bartender to whip up spectacular creations.

Cupcake Tower. A tower of cupcakes is right on trend right now, it´s cute, modern and makes no mess!

– Candy Bar. The options are virtually limitless! Everyone enjoys traditional favorites like M&Ms, chocolate-covered raisins, Gummy Bears, Red Hots, Sweet Tarts and rainbow-colored lollipops, all of which are obtainable in bulk. Or, you can provide candies in colors that match your wedding hues.

– Wedding Pie. Pick pies to represent the season, peach, blueberry and key lime pies are great for summer weddings, and apple, chocolate or pecan pies are best for winter ones. Provide whipped cream and ice cream too.

– Cookie bar. A selection of your favourite biscuits is bound to be a success!

– Croquembouche Tower. The name croquembouche, which means “crunch in the mouth,” refers to the hard caramel that coats delicate puffs of pate a choux filled with vanilla cream. It is typical of France and you can serve madeleines, macaroons, and raspberry verrines around it to add even more oh la lá to your day.

Strawberry shortcake. Need I say more? This is a great pudding, and a favourite with most.

Donuts. Both adults and children will love this, but if you just want it for the little ones, replace the centerpiece at kids’ tables with an enticing display of these sugary treats.

– Dessert Buffet. A slice of wedding cake concludes your special day on a deliciously festive note. But if you love desserts, why stop there? Indulge your fantasies and have a dessert buffet with all of your favourites!

– Chocolate Bar. A selection of diminutive chocolate desserts can be served alone or alongside a chocolate wedding cake or fondue.

– Fruits Towers. Think truffles, marzipan fruits, chocolate-dipped apricots, cherries and strawberries and almond cookies.

(Images by Martha StewartPiece-a-cake & Wedding Window)

Ideas For A Veggie Wedding Banquet

30 Jul

More and more people are vegetarian nowadays so even if you and your future husband aren´t, it´s a good idea to offer vegetarian options at your wedding. Here are a few ideas that both vegetarians and non-vegetarian will love:

For starters:

– Serve crunchy vegetables complete with their own dip (sour cream and chives, roasted pepper and eggplant, or toasted curry) in bowls of hollowed-out slices of baguettes so they can be eaten too!

– As a apéritif, serve little bowls of mixed nuts, they are delicious and no fuss!

– Warm up your wedding with a colorful shot of savory vegetable soup in eye-catching colors, I love tomato, spinach or pumpkin flavour!

– For an original take on the classic beetroot and goat cheese salad, serve fried beetroot chips topped with a dollop of the cheese and decorate with a sprig of rocket lettuce.

For the main course:

– With a puff-pastry lid resting atop a flaky crust, a miniature pot pie filled with vegetables including asparagus, carrots, and pearl onions makes for a delicious first course.

– Group thin slices of carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, pea sprouts, and red, yellow, and orange pepper and tie together with chives. Serve alongside dipping sauces.

– A trio of peppers filled with three different types of risotto is bound to get your guests talking.

For dessert:

– Fill transparent candle holders or glasses with chocolate pudding and top with crushed-cookie ‘dirt’, add a flower to each pot, and serve with wooden ice cream spoons to resemble plant tags.

– A miniature version of the great toffee apple makes for a great dessert, add your initials onto paper leaves fixed to the skewers for a personal touch.

– Coloured marzipan in pale green and moulded into acorns, dipped half in a thin coating of bittersweet chocolate and decorated with sprinkles makes for a lovely dessert.

– With the coffee serve fresh cherries dipped in melted white chocolate, you will wow your guests!

These are just a few of my favourite ideas, remember you could also use pasta for the main course and for pudding, most things are fine. Eat up! 🙂

(Images by Martha Stewart)

Are Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Engaged?

25 Jul

According to the Australian magazine Woman’s Day, Jason Segel has proposed to Michelle Williams!

Apparently, Jason flew in from New Jersey to where Michelle was promoting her film Oz:The Great and Powerful in San Diego with her daughter, Matilda, as a surprise. When Michelle walked into her hotel room, Matilda was sitting on the bed, clutching a lavender bouquet. When Michelle picked her up to give her a kiss that she saw a little note tucked among the blooms that read, ‘Will you marry me?’. A source told the magazine “It was tough making it a surprise because he’s been telling her from day one that he was going to marry her.”

The pair have been friends for years but got together as a couple early this year.

Hopefully this proposal is true and confirmed soon, I adore this couple!

(Images by USMagazine)