Original and Different Flower Ideas For Your Wedding

24 Jul

Every wedding is filled with flowers but why not try these ideas for an unexpected twist that will get your guest talking:

– For a unique look, ask your florist to layer glass boxes, each filled with a different flower, and top it off with funky flowers in a totally different colour.

– Tape long-stemmed flowers to a glass vase, fill it with water, add a chic lampshade and voilá! You have a gorgeous centerpiece. To really surprise guests, keep the tables simple and have your florist put the vase with the submerged flowers under the table without the lampshade.

– Create an enchanting ceremony path by adding untamed flowers with lots of long grass to a wooden flower frame. Echo the look with an equally abundant bouquet.

– If your venue has a pool, float glass bowls filled with flowers and candles, it will lend a super romantic feel to your event!

– Instead of scattering flower petals here and there down the aisle, ask your florist to arrange them in a fun design such as circles or a swirly pattern.

– A scattering of single-flower arrangements in colorful bottles makes for an informal, original and bold tablescape.

– For a totally unique twist on centerpieces, have your florist hang a planter filled with lush blooms above the table hanging by string.

– Instead of flowers, why not pick big, fresh bunches of herbs to decorate your tables?

– Arrange your flowers in tea and biscuit tins, with their beautiful ornamentation and lettering, they bring old-fashioned charm to a reception table.

– Having a country wedding? Place single flower stems into balls of twine and place around the church for a more rustic look.

– Your centerpieces can be inspired by your hobbies. Pile up vintage books or board games to serve as a base for the vases of flowers.

– Serve your food on trays with a single stem, for a modern and chic edge.

– Instead of bouquets, order corsages for your bridesmaids, this is such a cute look!

I hope you find some inspiration for your big day 🙂

(Images by Martha Stewart and The Knot)

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