Ideas For A Veggie Wedding Banquet

30 Jul

More and more people are vegetarian nowadays so even if you and your future husband aren´t, it´s a good idea to offer vegetarian options at your wedding. Here are a few ideas that both vegetarians and non-vegetarian will love:

For starters:

– Serve crunchy vegetables complete with their own dip (sour cream and chives, roasted pepper and eggplant, or toasted curry) in bowls of hollowed-out slices of baguettes so they can be eaten too!

– As a apéritif, serve little bowls of mixed nuts, they are delicious and no fuss!

– Warm up your wedding with a colorful shot of savory vegetable soup in eye-catching colors, I love tomato, spinach or pumpkin flavour!

– For an original take on the classic beetroot and goat cheese salad, serve fried beetroot chips topped with a dollop of the cheese and decorate with a sprig of rocket lettuce.

For the main course:

– With a puff-pastry lid resting atop a flaky crust, a miniature pot pie filled with vegetables including asparagus, carrots, and pearl onions makes for a delicious first course.

– Group thin slices of carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, pea sprouts, and red, yellow, and orange pepper and tie together with chives. Serve alongside dipping sauces.

– A trio of peppers filled with three different types of risotto is bound to get your guests talking.

For dessert:

– Fill transparent candle holders or glasses with chocolate pudding and top with crushed-cookie ‘dirt’, add a flower to each pot, and serve with wooden ice cream spoons to resemble plant tags.

– A miniature version of the great toffee apple makes for a great dessert, add your initials onto paper leaves fixed to the skewers for a personal touch.

– Coloured marzipan in pale green and moulded into acorns, dipped half in a thin coating of bittersweet chocolate and decorated with sprinkles makes for a lovely dessert.

– With the coffee serve fresh cherries dipped in melted white chocolate, you will wow your guests!

These are just a few of my favourite ideas, remember you could also use pasta for the main course and for pudding, most things are fine. Eat up! 🙂

(Images by Martha Stewart)


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