David and Kirsty´s Wedding

23 Nov

On the 8th of September, we were invited to David and Kirsty´s wedding, a gorgeous couple and good friend´s of ours. It was a very special day with a great combination of guests, Kirsty is Irish and David is Spanish and you could really appreciate that in their special day. The bride looked gorgeous in her lace, halter-neck, fitted dress, it went perfectly with her short, curly hairstyle and natural make-up. The groom also looked very handsome in his classic black suit which he teamed with a white shirt and black and white tie. The couple got married at sunset on Albir beach (it was so romantic!) with their beloved dog Benji as their best man. After the ceremony, they followed their guests to the Albir Playa hotel to continue the celebrations with their families and friends, it was a fantastic party with great food, tiny plastic wedding cake bubble blowers favours and a selection of sweets for those who felt peckish on the dancefloor! Take a look at the photos:

(Images by Mariano Martín Fotografía)

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