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Wedding Pins of the Week – La Vie en Rosa!

7 Jan

Love the colour pink? Why not include it in your big day? You have loads of tones to choose from, you could go for a romantic pale pink or a hot fuscia shade…

(Images by Pinterest)

Wedding Pins of the Week – Beach Theme

2 Jan

We´re now in the middle of winter and Christmas is over, so I thought I´d bring you pins with a beach theme to cheer you up and remind you that Spring is just around the corner!

Which is your favourite pin? I love the bride´s dress and I think the pail with starfish instead of a bouquet is a fantastic idea!

(Images by Pinterest)

Wedding Pin of the Week – Original Theme

10 Dec

This week I´ve bought together some of the most original pins I have on Bodastory Pinterest, it was really hard to choose one for each category, so don´t be surprised if I have another ‘original theme’ in a few weeks 🙂

(Images by Pinterest)