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Wedding Pins of the Week – Get Married in a Garden!

23 Apr

I adore outdoor garden weddings, and the following months are the best time to one! Here are a few of my favourite ideas to do so:

(Images by Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings)

Wedding Pins of the Week – Butterflies in your Garden!

6 Feb

We´re now in February and spring is just around the corner, at long last! To remind you of that, here are this week´s pins with a butterfly theme, aren´t they gorgeous?

(Images by Pinterest and Martha Stewart)

Spring Weddings!

26 Mar

At last, spring is upon us! It´s the most popular time of year to get married and this season´s accents are so easy to incorporate into your big day. Here are a few ideas:

– The season for flowers: There’s no shortage of variety and color in these months so the options are endless! Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Agapanthus, Birds of Paradise(also known as crane flowers), Cherry Blossom, Dahlias, Orchids, Peonies, Roses and Tulips. Add a little Heather, Sweet Pea or freshly cut grass to your bouquet for a unique spring look.

– Colours galore: Anything goes in spring, bright colours can be teamed with softer ones or you can go for all-on colour: lemon & mint, peaches & cream, powder blue & nude, sheer citrus & pink, marigold & pewter, green & white…

– The dress: Most wedding dresses seem made for a spring wedding! A pale green, pink or champagne dress looks fantastic at a spring wedding, but if you want to stay with white, add touches of colour to your outfit with a green sash or a pale pink veil.

– A little something for your guests: Homemade seasonal jam, packets of seeds or bulbs, packets of flowery tea, and even little birdhouses are original and useful favours your guest will remember.

– Gifts for your bridesmaids and flowergirls: Say thanks for taking part in your day by giving each bridesmaid a beautiful silk scarf. Buy a few styles in your color palette, then have the florist tie them around the flowers. For the little ones why not give them a paper parasol in your wedding colours they can use on the day, and take home afterwards.

– The groom: Accents of colour can also be added to the grooms attaire with a colourful tie or boutonniere.

– The cake: Go for a red velvet retro style cake with white frosting and pink and red flowers, or traditional lemon cake decorated with yellow fondant and white edible daisies.

– Decorating the venue: How about little window boxes full of flowers as your centerpieces? Beautiful china teacups can also be filled with blooms and displayed on the tables for a very romantic, vintage spring look. Cut flowers tucked into the guests napkins looks fresh, and lush floral centerpiece blooms can also double as favors when you provide guests with waterproof bags to take the flowers home in. If you are having an outdoor wedding, strings of lights intertwined in trees will give your reception a special spring effect.

– The food: Spring vegetables should be used with abandon! For starters, little pot pies filled with asparagus, carrots, and pearl onions, or vegetables complete with their own dip: buttermilk-peppercorn, roasted pepper and eggplant, or toasted curry (their ‘bowls’,if made of hollowed-out slices of baguette can be eaten, too). For the main course, try lamb, chicken, shrimp or pork with fresh spring veg or salad on the side or consider having a live sushi station. For dessert, how about a stand of chocolate, fruit, cream and jelly filled donuts? Or a fruit bar with a chocolate fondue for a healthier option. I also love the idea of a cheese platter whatever the season!

– Original touches to wow the guests: Alcoholic candyfloss is so original, have someone stationed at one end of your dessert bar spinning delicate cotton candy in grown-up flavors like mojito, butterscotch, or mocha espresso. For the tea lovers out there, display a variety of herbs at a tea station after dinner so people can select their favorites, then have a server infuse their picks in hot water. I also love the idea of adding real, edible flowers to cupcakes and biscuits to serve to the guests after dinner.

I personally think spring is the best time for a wedding,it is a time of rebirth and renewal which makes it a perfect time for the new adventure that a marriage brings and the flower and colour options are endless! 🙂