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Spring Weddings!

26 Mar

At last, spring is upon us! It´s the most popular time of year to get married and this season´s accents are so easy to incorporate into your big day. Here are a few ideas:

– The season for flowers: There’s no shortage of variety and color in these months so the options are endless! Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Agapanthus, Birds of Paradise(also known as crane flowers), Cherry Blossom, Dahlias, Orchids, Peonies, Roses and Tulips. Add a little Heather, Sweet Pea or freshly cut grass to your bouquet for a unique spring look.

– Colours galore: Anything goes in spring, bright colours can be teamed with softer ones or you can go for all-on colour: lemon & mint, peaches & cream, powder blue & nude, sheer citrus & pink, marigold & pewter, green & white…

– The dress: Most wedding dresses seem made for a spring wedding! A pale green, pink or champagne dress looks fantastic at a spring wedding, but if you want to stay with white, add touches of colour to your outfit with a green sash or a pale pink veil.

– A little something for your guests: Homemade seasonal jam, packets of seeds or bulbs, packets of flowery tea, and even little birdhouses are original and useful favours your guest will remember.

– Gifts for your bridesmaids and flowergirls: Say thanks for taking part in your day by giving each bridesmaid a beautiful silk scarf. Buy a few styles in your color palette, then have the florist tie them around the flowers. For the little ones why not give them a paper parasol in your wedding colours they can use on the day, and take home afterwards.

– The groom: Accents of colour can also be added to the grooms attaire with a colourful tie or boutonniere.

– The cake: Go for a red velvet retro style cake with white frosting and pink and red flowers, or traditional lemon cake decorated with yellow fondant and white edible daisies.

– Decorating the venue: How about little window boxes full of flowers as your centerpieces? Beautiful china teacups can also be filled with blooms and displayed on the tables for a very romantic, vintage spring look. Cut flowers tucked into the guests napkins looks fresh, and lush floral centerpiece blooms can also double as favors when you provide guests with waterproof bags to take the flowers home in. If you are having an outdoor wedding, strings of lights intertwined in trees will give your reception a special spring effect.

– The food: Spring vegetables should be used with abandon! For starters, little pot pies filled with asparagus, carrots, and pearl onions, or vegetables complete with their own dip: buttermilk-peppercorn, roasted pepper and eggplant, or toasted curry (their ‘bowls’,if made of hollowed-out slices of baguette can be eaten, too). For the main course, try lamb, chicken, shrimp or pork with fresh spring veg or salad on the side or consider having a live sushi station. For dessert, how about a stand of chocolate, fruit, cream and jelly filled donuts? Or a fruit bar with a chocolate fondue for a healthier option. I also love the idea of a cheese platter whatever the season!

– Original touches to wow the guests: Alcoholic candyfloss is so original, have someone stationed at one end of your dessert bar spinning delicate cotton candy in grown-up flavors like mojito, butterscotch, or mocha espresso. For the tea lovers out there, display a variety of herbs at a tea station after dinner so people can select their favorites, then have a server infuse their picks in hot water. I also love the idea of adding real, edible flowers to cupcakes and biscuits to serve to the guests after dinner.

I personally think spring is the best time for a wedding,it is a time of rebirth and renewal which makes it a perfect time for the new adventure that a marriage brings and the flower and colour options are endless! 🙂

St. Valentine´s Day

14 Feb

Valentine´s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th, honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.

The day first became associated with “romantic love” in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion where lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards, known as valentines.

The first recorded association of Valentine’s Day with romantic love is in Parlement of Foules (1382) by Geoffrey Chaucer. He wrote:

For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.

Nowadays, it´s quite common for people to get engaged on Valentine´s day, Christina Applegate got engaged to Martyn Lenoble in 2010, Harrison Ford proposed to Calista Flockhart on holiday in 2009, and Vince Vaughn proposed to Kyla Weber at their home, also in 2009.

Some celebrities even get married on Valentine´s day! Romantics include Salma Hayek, who married Francois-Henri Pinault in a small civil ceremony in Paris with their daughter (aptly named Valentina!) in attendance as a flower girl in 2009, supermodel Adriana Lima married Marko Jaric in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the same year (their daughter, also called Valentina was born the November after), and Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher married Nicole Appleton in 2008 in London after 8 years together.

So if you´re thinking of proposing or getting married on this romantic date, incorporate a little “Valentine” into your flowers (traditional roses), colours (soft pink lighting looks great), food (pink sugar-rimmed Cosmopolitan and chocolate cakes drizzled with raspberry syrup), or favours (chocolate truffles with handwritten messages).

Happy Valentine´s day!

Autumn Weddings

9 Nov

Firstly, let´s get a few autumn wedding myths out the way before we start. Just because you celebrate your big event in autumn, that doesn´t mean that you have to use leaf-hues for  your wedding,  some couples tend to rely too heavily on these and other earth tones. Consider other rich and glamorous hues that fit this time of year like plum and aubergine combined with shades of cream and blush, or classic navy blue paired with a glam shade of gold. If you have your heart set on brown, try mocha or cappuccino hues rather than chocolate, which combine beautifully with black, cream, and even red.  You can use any color you fancy, even bright electric colours or baby pastels, as long as you combine it with a darker hue to create balance. I love Tiffany blue with mocha, hot pink with charcoal gray, bright pink with chocolate and  or fuchsia.

You shouldn’t feel obligated to dress your bridesmaids in heavy fabric just because of the season either. Lightweight fabrics like silk will look perfectly appropriate, remember, it’s more important to choose a fabric that flatters everyone’s figures and a color that will complement their complexions. Rust, aubergine, and deep green are widely flattering shades or go for a totally original look with pale gold dresses accented with sashes or flowers in mango or fuchsia.

You don´t have to forsake your dream of holding a wedding outside just because winter is closing in either. With enough patio heaters, you can hold the ceremony, cocktail hour, and possibly even the reception outdoors regardless of the temperature, however, you may want to retreat inside for dancing and dessert after the sun sets and you should let your guests know on the invitations so they bring jackets and wraps.

Bearing all this mind, there are lots of ways to incorporate this lovely season into your big day. Let´s start with the tables;

–          Napkins are a clever place to work in seasonal accents. Tie them with a piece of crab apple or use wooden napkins rings with gold finishes.

–          Tablecloths and napkins in tactile materials like quilted or ruched silk, linen and velvet look and feel fantastic.

–          Try onyx crystal goblets or vases filled with seasonal flowers, fruits and dry leaves for your centerpieces.

–          Another great idea for your centerpieces are brightly hued candles that coordinate with your wedding’s palette, spray-paint wooden candle holders of varying heights to match them.


Add a little autumn to your menu:

–          During cocktail hour, when there is nip in the air, it is nice to serve a warm drink along with the traditional offerings. Consider a mulled cranberry cider or spiced wine.

–          For the hors d’oeuvres, try smoked sausages with a variety of mustards, cheese puffs with pate such as wild mushroom and walnut or a fish mousse, a selection of cheeses with different types of crackers or a hearty, warming soup such as pumpkin and chestnut, curried butternut or  celery and potato.

–          For the main course go for something different like pot pies filled with chicken and fall vegetables such as carrots, turnips, onions, and leeks. Or go for meats glazed with cider or honey such as roast pork loin or Guinea hen accompanied with roasted root vegetables, braised red cabbage with apples and bacon, or wild rice with pecans . A nice vegetarian option could be ravioli or manicotti stuffed with butternut squash and spinach, with a sage-walnut cream sauce or mushroom risotto.

–          A bread basket accompanied by herbed butters is a lovely addition to the table. Go for breads such as rye, walnut-whole wheat, or jalepeno-cheddar corn bread.

–          For dessert try apple pie, pumpkin tarts, cheesecakes or gooey brownies. Another brilliant idea is to have a ginormous chocolate fondue to dip pieces of fruit in 🙂

–          For the cake go for a deeper, different flavor like ginger, carrot, caramel or applesauce. These pair beautifully with cream cheese frosting. Decorate the cake with flowers or fruit that herald the season. Dahlias in rich hues such as burgundy, red, orange and yellow,  sunflowers, crab apples, pears, and grapes will look great on top of the cake. An alternative is rich chocolate cake with orange icing.


Give out seasonal gifts to your guests such as:

–          Salted caramel apples. Add wood twigs to tiny apples, dip the fruits in caramel, and roll them in sea salt

–          Wrap seasonal fruit in tissue paper with your names printed on for a sweet and healthy gift for guests.

–          Chocolate is always a favorite favor, consider chocolates in the shapes of maple leaves and acorns.

–          Miniature pots of seasonal jam with your names on are will wow your guests.

–          Little bars of apple, cranberry and pumpkin soap wrapped in ribbon would look so cute!


Pick the flowers to match the season:

–          Late-season aubergine dahlias with white-tipped petals will look lovely in your hands as you walk up the aisle.

–          Try a combination of white and orange roses tied with a velvet bow.

–          Decorate the church with dried grass, wheat, dried leaves and thick satin ribbons.

Autumn weddings can be so much fun and as the weather tends to be nice, they are a very popular choice. I hope these ideas give you inspiration with yours! 🙂