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Grooms with bow ties!

21 Jan

Nowadays we want more out of a wedding, we want it to be more special and for it to reflect our personality. Gone are the days when the parents paid for everything (even though they may still help out) so now we want a say in everything, we want the decorations to include our favourite colours, our dress to be something different in a unique colour, our hairstyle to match our taste and usual style… And the groom too! Some grooms like to go for the classical look, although more and more decide to mix things up with colourful shoes or sock, special cufflinks or a bright bow tie instead of a tie. In this post we´re bringing you a few different ways to wear a bow tie, it can be a classical black number, match your shirt or suit, or even be have a snazzy pattern! Which is your favourite?

(Images by Magnolia Rogue, Brancoprata, Ruffled, SMP, Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Groom Fashion – Get inspired with Chuck Bass

12 Oct

Today we´re bringing you a post for the men, although I think there will be quite a few women interested in it too.. hehe! Gossip Girl´s Chuck Bass (played by actor Ed Westwick) is well-known for his elegant New York style so we´ve decided to bring you his top 20 suits and outfits:

What do you think ladies? Oops, sorry, I meant gentlemen.. 😉

(Images by Pinterest)

More for the groom!

11 Jul

The other week, we bought you ideas and inspiration for all those unique grooms out there, here´s part 2:

(Images by Pinterest)