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Veil Alternatives – Bridal Headpieces and Accessories

20 Sep

A few years ago a veil was an essential part of a brides look but nowadays lots of brides are opting to pass on this bridal accessory. I did a post a few months ago on bridal flower crowns, but some women think there are enough flowers in their day what with the bouquet and the decor, without adding it to their outfit so.. What do you think of these headpieces as an alternative?

(Images by Chic Vintage Brides, Twigs and Honey and Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles – Short hair

28 Aug

I´ve already bought you a post on updo and loose styles for longer hair but, if you´ve always worn your hair in a bob or pixie cut, why would you want to change it on your wedding day? You can do loads with shorter hair, you can wear it straight with a flower behind your ear, in curls with a headband or headpiece, with your fringe scraped back or to one side, even with gold flakes! What do you think of these lovely styles?

(Images by Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles – Loose hair

20 Aug

Last week I bought you a post on updos for brides, today I´m showing you ideas and inspiration for those brides that want a more romantic, boho o informal look for their big day!

(Images by Pinterest)