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Bridal hairstyles – Short hair

28 Aug

I´ve already bought you a post on updo and loose styles for longer hair but, if you´ve always worn your hair in a bob or pixie cut, why would you want to change it on your wedding day? You can do loads with shorter hair, you can wear it straight with a flower behind your ear, in curls with a headband or headpiece, with your fringe scraped back or to one side, even with gold flakes! What do you think of these lovely styles?

(Images by Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles – Loose hair

20 Aug

Last week I bought you a post on updos for brides, today I´m showing you ideas and inspiration for those brides that want a more romantic, boho o informal look for their big day!

(Images by Pinterest)

Bridal Hairstyles – Updos

13 Aug

Most brides decide on an updo for their weddings, it´s chic, elegant, comfortable and keeps you cool when you´re feeling nervous walking down that aisle 😉 Here are a selection of the best I´ve seen, something for everyone…