Britney Spears Wedding Postponed!

1 Mar

She was looking forward to living happily ever after with her fiancé Jason Trawick, but it seems Britney Spears’ dream wedding will be delayed until later this year.. Her attorneys want to deal with her lawsuit with former manager Sam Lutfi (he´s suing her for breach of contract and her parents for defamation) first.

A source said; “Lawyers for Britney’s conservatorship have been successful in keeping her from being deposed in the Lutfi litigation. She could get married under the conservatorship, but the judge would have to sign off on it. If that were to happen, lawyers repping Lutfi would absolutely go into court and argue that if Britney were able to get married, she should be able to be deposed. There is no way Team Spears is going to let that happen.”

However they will not stand in the way of her proceeding with her planned nuptials when her legal battle is finally over.

Apparently, the wedding will be a very low-key affair and could take place in Britney’s hometown in Louisiana, at her mansion in Kentwood. Jason is fully embracing having the wedding in Louisiana. Britney is said to have hired a wedding planner and is letting the pro handle all the details.

The same  insider also said; “Britney and Jason aren’t in a rush to get married, they are enjoying being engaged. Britney already feels like she is married to him, and trusts him”

Let´s hope they don´t have to wait too long!


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